Sunday, November 11, 2012

One small step for gamers... one giant leap for me

Welcome to my blog, I'm a enthusiastic gamer who hops from game to game and who's experience taught that when people are hyped its hard to see the problems beyond the all the shininess, but once the hype is gone the game becomes black and white and we start to see things clearly.

After every game I play I begun looking back to the dozens of hours(possibly more) spent researching a game even before it launched now feels like a waste of time, which I'm sure every seasoned gamer has felt more than once.

No game is perfect nor do I expect them to be, however I like to talk about the flaws I find in games, from specific gameplay issues or bugs to design flaws. I may also do some tutorials/tips and some PROS and CONS of some in-game stuff that depending on the game can include things like skills, professions, weapons, etc.

Hope you enjoy reading my future posts.


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